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Did you get the pics that I sent via text message? Here are some videos I posted to Youtube of Obie and Luka playing. She’s had a very busy day exploring the house, being exposed to the notion of an invisible fence via the invisible fence trainer lady, playing in the backyard with Obie and meeting the neighbors, going for a car ride to the grocery store, going to Petco and being admired in the store, watching college football with us on the couch, and now……she’s pretty pooped and snoozing.

When she wants to get away from Obie she goes in her crate!! So funny. There’s no way he’d fit in there. She already knows her set of water and food bowls, sits on command, and I’ve tried to teach the stay command a little today with success.

I cannot thank you enough for this darling dog. Incidentally, I think you know I’ve been looking for the perfect labradoodle for about 6 months now and so I’ve talked to a lot of breeders. The one I almost went with is Robin at I even named the pup Bindi but at the last minute I was unsure because she was very tiny, expected to be 11 lbs fully grown. So a couple that already committed to one of her other pups bought her. Well, I sent Robin an email yesterday telling her about Luka and she said that she and her husband visited your place and met you a few years ago looking for a female breeder, and she thought very highly of you! Small, small world. All these labradoodles all over the world and I find 2 possibilities in Oregon!

I’ll give you a call in awhile, but know that all is well. Also, if you want to friend me on facebook I’ll be posting lots more. Valerie Lychak Bollock. I think there’s only one!

Have a great evening


Valerie Bollock <>

Thank you so much for Loki!!! (Fergie and Scio’s puppy) He has been a joy.

He gets along so well with our 7 month old and is the talk of the puppy park because of his outgoing and gentle manor and beautiful coat. He is a great traveler and loves to cuddle.

I don’t see any new puppies on your site. I have had many people ask for your info. Are you still raising labradoodles? I hope so.

It was such a good experience to get Loki from you. Thank you again, Nicholas, Rebecca, Adia and Loki Seider


Just wanted you to know Bernie (Firby) is doing amazingly well! He’ll be a year old next month and he’s about 70 lbs.

A big love! We get comments all the time on his coloring, from strangers and the Doodle-obsessed alike. We’re in Portland visiting family all the time if you’d ever like us to stop by so you can see how well he’s developed!






Wanted to share this picture with you. They are inseparable. I cannot thank you enough as Luci aka Lulu is everything you said she was and more. She is smart, alert, playful and funny. She is very well behaved for a soon to be 5 month old!

You raised a magnificent young lady!


Regards, David –

I’ve been meaning to write a testimonial for you and finally got around to it 🙂

As someone who never owned a dog before, I had a few preconceived notions of what to expect when we got our puppy. I thought we’d be up at night with a whining puppy, have things destroyed from a puppy that chewed, and just have a general struggle with working through training. Henry has proved all of my worries wrong. He stayed in his kennel all night (8 hrs!!) after the first night without whining.

The first night he only cried once after about 5 hours. He likes to chew but has been easy to redirect and train to chew his toys. Overall, training has gone extremely well. He is super smart and ready to please. Stacey gave him such a great start that I feel like we just had to get trained ourselves on how to continue raising him. You have to be firm and consistent with him but he wants to please you.

Henry has been such a wonderful addition to our home. We have two younger children (5 & 7) and he is so laid back with them, it is amazing. They love on him and he just loves them back. Henry is 5 months old now and we couldn’t imagine not having him around. I have never met a happier puppy. He just loves everyone. I would say that is our one big work in progress, getting him to greet strangers calmly!

He’s getting better everyday and I think he’s going to be an amazing dog (not that he isn’t already)!

Thanks Jennifer

Thanks for listening to our needs and picking out the perfect pup for our family–Sammy! My 84-year-old mother lives with us and we needed a dog with a very kind and gentle personality. Plus, we so appreciated the invaluable service you provided by keeping him those three extra months for us.

What could be better than an adorable puppy arriving at the airport who had already learned the basics including crate, potty, and leash training.

He came to us around five months old, a very secure and happy guy. Within a few days he was sleeping through the night and adjusted to our home. Everywhere we take him (which is everywhere we go, given how well-behaved he is!) people can’t believe that a puppy this young can be so calm.

We love our Sammy and can’t imagine our lives without him.

The Hamakers, Walnut Creek, CA — Molly Hamaker,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we love A.J. and that he is doing great! He is an absolutely amazing puppy and companion. He adjusted to our home and family immediately — within an hour he acted like he had lived here forever! He was potty trained within days of joining our family.

He is SMART, sweet, gentle, and the most easy puppy I’ve known. He is great with our 2 boys and plays gently with our cat and the neighbor’s dog. Oh, and extremely handsome! He is absolutely everything you said he would be and more. I’ve already recommended you to several families. If I could talk my husband into it, I’d get another puppy from you immediately!

The boys wanted to keep his name “A.J.” but thought he is so smart they wanted to call him “Einstein.” So they ultimately decided his “real” name is Albert J Dogstein, aka AJ.

We are giving him a wonderful loving home and he loves us back 10-fold. I am so glad we found you and AJ.

Our best to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter when she is deployed.

Cindy, Wayne, Ben, Brett and AJ


My In-Laws/Best Friends just purchased “Jurne” from you a few days ago….I haven’t heard so much excitement and love out of Sherry’s voice in a long time. Thank you for that! Her heart is full now – Jurne is one lucky pup. You, Stacy, are amazing. The love you give these pups to start is obvious.

How do I find the words to tell you how we adore Jurne. I will just do that. He is an ANGEL for sure. We take him everywhere, accept when we go to Mexico. He lights up our life and has truly been a HEALER for Sherry. A presence that is so soothing and calming. We have laughed and played with him, possibly more than we did with our children. More time being retired. To watch Bob on the floor being a child with Jurne and bragging about him to others warms my heart. He had to be a RESPONSIBLE provider raising children. But now the freedom to play and laugh. Jurne is so easy, gentle and well behaved. He loves balls, Frisbee and SQUIRRELS. He is an avid River dog and a great traveler. We thank you for the GIFT of Jurne in our life. We are training him to be a service dog. He is a natural, for he so loves people.

Thanks every minute of our lives

Sherry and Bob

Rheaume Jurne was two in January , He is 60#, a black coat with a white vest and goatee!!!

It has taken longer than anticipated, but here is a photo of Magic, aka Buddy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has adapted to the “urban” lifestyle without problem. You did a wonderful job raising him so he feels loved and trusted. He is learning very quickly, and we are so happy he came in to our lives. My 82 year old father also loves him and buys him toys and treats. He is a kind and gentle little soul. Again, thank you so much for our “Buddy”, since that is exactly what he is.

I hope you got the testimonial I sent. This computer is different from the one at work, so let me know if you got it. Our little Buddy, aka Magic has been more than we ever could have anticipated. I have looked at some of your new puppies, and I’m going to work with Kim for a few sessions to get Buddy a bit more confident. I would love to, if the right match for him comes up in the future, get him a little brother or sister. Should you have one that you feel would be a good match, since you know him, let me know. Ideally, I’d love one you have had long enough to know the personality, and I must admit having the crate trained and housebroken piece well on it’s way is a bonus. I would not expect any special deal like you shared with us with Magic, I want you to know that. It would be nice to bring him and meet a potential friend in the next few months. Let me know what you think and if such a thing of wanting a little older one is even feasible. He has healed us and next week we are going on our first trip to the beach with him. I can’t wait, I suspect he will have a blast!

Sincerely, Michelle… aka Buddy’s mom

Hope everything is good with you. Just to let you know Dreamers new NAME IS Bailey. She just wasn’t a Mocha. She’s doing very well. Only a couple accidents. My husband has her sitting, sitting up, laying down. She’s so comical. Doing good sleeping in the crate and while we are gone. Everyone who sees her thinks she’s adorable. Will start puppy training soon. Thought I’d send you a picture we took today… Thanks again Will keep you updated.

Talk to you soon


I thought I’d send you a couple pictures of little Mikah so you can see how he’s growing.

He’s awfully cute, as you can see.

And a good little boy too!



Speing_2008_119I just wanted to let you know that Chewie, who we got last fall (one of the pups born on 09/06/2007 to Scio and Snickerdoodle) is doing fabulous! She is such a happy dog and just really enjoying life. Her temperate is wonderful.

She is playful and gentle and just altogether really great. We bought a house in August and she loves the backyard and going for walks in the neighborhood. She is thrilled with the sprinkler in the back yard and just enjoys catching a ball and running around. She is getting along well with our two cats, although she still wants to play with them a lot and they don’t like that.

She has really been a great companion for Matt and I and it is hard to remember what life was like without her! Chewie is always smiling, too! When we are around her, we can’t help but smile! Our families love her as well. Last night, Matt and I were watching a movie, and Chewie went under the Christmas tree and found a present for her and brought it into the living room to open. It was so cute! She is really smart and very loving. She doesn’t shed at all and her coat is still soooo soft! She’s like a big teddy bear! I will send you a few pictures of her.

Thank you for introducing us to Chewie,

Sarah and Matt

logoIt was sure nice to meet you last year at our Gala and to work with you on that project, and I hope everything has been going well for you over the last 8 months.

Our wish department is working to fulfill a wish right now for a puppy and they needed some advice on the best type of breed to get for the child. I mentioned that you might be willing to lend your expertise and knowledge if I put you in touch with them.

Thank you for all of your support and hope to see you again sometime soon,

Brian H. Roberts

Annual Giving Manager

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska, Montana, Northern Idaho & Washington

Turn your frequent flier miles into smiles! Donate your miles to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by contacting Trina Cottingham


Thank you for opening your home to us so we could visit with the puppies. All of your dogs (old and young) had tremendous spirits… it was fun to see them!

Kellan was giddy with excitement the whole way home… he can hardly wait to pick up Ranger!!!

We would love more photos if you have them handy.

Thanks again, Teresasnicker_and_kids




Cookie is doing well with his training.

We’ve had two visits from the trainer and then we took a trip to Arizona for a month and of course kept up with his training.

He will get two more at home sessions and unlimited telephone follow-up. He is such a good puppy, very smart and easy to train.

Thank you so much and take care.



OuterBanksFamily_010wallpaperIt’s been awhile and I’ve been wanting to update you on Lulu girl. She’s doing great and fitting in very well. She enjoyed a nice summer with us. We took her to the beach and she even got in the pool with us. She’s so much fun – loves to play tag and she’s the biggest teaser.

Our other dog was a bit jealous of her at first, but he’s gotten over it. He’s a real sweetie with her, she pushes him around but he never seems to mind it. We all have fallen in love with her and I think she’s lovin life too!

Also wanted to congratulate you on Scio and Snickers litter. I check your website from time to time for the latest news.

Hope all is well with you and your family (dogs included).


her new family with the Goscotts

mocaweb1Just a note to check in with you and to let you know how Mocha (Ryan loved the name you gave her) is doing with her new family.

We just took Mocha in for her first hair cut yesterday. It has been really hot here, so we thought she would be more comfortable in shorter hair, but I definitely had a tear in my eye when we picked her up and all that beautiful fur was gone.

Mocha has been adjusting well and has become the main focus of our family. The kids (Ryan and Alyssa) are doing a great job with her, and we have started training classes. She is growing so fast. I have attached some pictures that we took when she first came home and some of her after her hair cut.

It’s great having a baby in the house again, and this time I didn’t even get any stretch marks!!

Thanks so much for everything and we will talk to you soon.

Don and Shellie Groscost

We bought our doodle Zephyr in July and have had nothing but positive experiences. He’s been the most mellow, trainable and well mannered puppy we’ve ever met. His loving and playful disposition is suitable for all ages and most other dogs.

He’s become quite the swimmer and he definitely has retriever in him when given a ball or a stick (although sometime he just likes to eat the stick.)

Out of all the breeds out there, the combination of traits found in a labradoodle have made Zephyr the perfect dog for us.

We would recommend a labradoodle to anyone in search of a canine companion.

Thank You! Megan and Adam

Josie is an absolutely phenomenal dog. She is great with kids, loves other dogs and wants to make a friend out of everyone she meets. When taken for a car ride, Josie lies down and waits patiently until we arrive at our destination, so she travels to lots of places. We go to the pet stores, to visit friends and to the dog park.

We also, have a park in our neighborhood which we usually walk to twice a day. She has a great temperament, is very smart and hasn’t shad a hair. Needless to say, she is absolutely beautiful.

People stop us all the time to tell me how great-looking she is. You were right when you said, “Once you have a labradoodle, you will never have anything else. My vet found her to be in excellent health and in great physical shape. He was especially impressed with how many times she had been wormed by you and the amount of information that you provided me about her care. Josie is a most amazing dog and a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank You!

Nancy Truax

[] Stacey- I wanted to let you know that Josie received her Canine Good Citizen certification last week. I am now going to look into the process of having her certified as a therapy dog. Josie has the most wonderful temperament, is very smart and absolutely beautiful. She is a great companion and loves to play with people and dogs. We absolutely love having her as part of our family. Nancy

Benji – I recently took him to the beach and he is just meeting this dog for the first time. Never a growl was heard, but boy do they like each other.

Everyone who has met him cannot believe his nice disposition. He has the best personality and can be trusted anywhere , with anyone of any age.

Thanks for my new best friend.

Bob Turk

Kylie_060Our new puppy Kylie is doing great. I took her to work yesterday so everyone could meet her. She was well adored by everyone who met her. You did a wonderful job with her.

She sleeps in her crate all night next to my bed. I’ve taken her on a couple of walks and she does really well. Also, her potty training is going real well.

Thanks for the wonderful dog!




We love our Labradoodle! Max is an awesome dog. He is smart, attentive, and eager to please. He is very loving and cares about being part of the family.

He gets along well with our other pets (we have cats, dogs, and horses) — in fact one of our cats is his best buddy and they often play and cuddle together. We just had out-of-town company for the past two weeks and everyone remarked on what a fun and well-behaved dog Max is (and he’s not even a year old yet)!

We are so happy to have him. What a pleasure this guy is!” .

Thanks for the wonderful dog!

Don Miller & Suzi Mattox

Katherine is healthy and happy. She’s a wonderful dog and is doing well with her dog training. She loves to socialize with people and other dogs.

We make a point of taking her to the dog park regularly and enjoy long walks.Katherine_101007_pic1

Katherine is still all black with no signs of silver coming through.

Thank you again – I would recommend you as a breeder to anyone I know in search of a great dog. –



I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how much we love our sweet Ozzie. He’s become a vital part of our family in the few months we’ve had him. Our mornings are happier with him jumping around our feet. He is growing sooo fast, we are a bit frightened about how big he will get! But he’s a marvelous dog and we couldn’t be more in love with him.

I’m attaching a few photos so you can see how handsome he has become.

Thanks again for our sweet boy, Kelly Newman

By the way, we are thinking about a trip out of town around the 4th of July — would you be available to board Ozzie for us for a few days? It’s not for sure, but I’d love to leave him with you if we do go.

We are settling in here with Charley and just love him more and more! His coat is even more red now and is gorgeous. He really loves baths and our other dog. Our beagle ignored him mostly the first couple days but now kind of follows him around the house. We taught him to shake already and working on sitting. He just started going to the back door now on his own to go outside. He slept all night in his crate without crying for the first time. The first couple nights were rough, he did not like his crate! It is in our room now upstairs and he likes sleeping by us where he can hear us at night.

Thank you again for a wonderful buying experience with him. I’ll take some more pictures and send them to you soon. He’s healthy, growing and much fun!


Steve and Sarah Straus

We let her run free without restraints on the beach on sunny days so today she might be a lucky pup chasing birds to her heart’s content. Polly is a delight and so smart. She is devoted and loving and we could not love her more. I take her to the local kennel once a week for day care where she socializes with other dogs and plays. Last week they told me they put her in with puppies because she is playful and so gentle with them. According to the day care providers she is the best personality of all their dogs and she socializes better than than any other dog coming to day care. They can allow her to play with every group they place her in and as a result she plays hard all during the day she is there. Another cute thing Polly does is play with her squeaky latex toys enjoying her toy box of choices with and without us. She can entertain herself almost as much as playing with us. I say latex toys because those are the only toys she cannot destroy – all others, soft plush, rubber or tuff toys, are easily chewed up and spit out. She has never chewed on our furniture or clothing so that is why we have a toy box for her. She is a very good girl.

We hope to come for a visit this summer. It would be interesting to see her interact with her siblings and parents.


Darby Gott

Stanley and Darby Gott P.O. Box 2381, Gearhart, Oregon 97138-2381

We couldn’t be happier with Scamp, who is always cheerful and calm. How did you know when she was only 2 months old?

We get compliments everywhere we go that Scamp is a beautiful dog.

She turns 1 year old on April 22nd and we will be celebrating it with treats

and a big bow. I cannot imagine a better breeder of Labradoodles.

We often recommend people to you because of your superior dogs.

We have such a great picture of Scamp at 2 months. I’ll bring you a framed copy of it

Thank you so much,

Mary & Melanie

Thank you so much for having us out yesterday. I did in fact follow up with two other breeders at your suggestions and we are far and away most impressed with your operation. I have spoken at some length with Teresa, my oldest daughter and I believe that she will be contacting you directly. As concerns the choice of dog, she will likely confirm that she is looking for a mellow, larger dog like Snickers (or was it Scio we met yesterday) for size and temperament. We discussed the litter that you currently have available and I shared with her the picture that we took of the larger, mellower, male that may be available and of course she was smitten. Black is not her first choice although temperament and size are her most important criteria, along with timing. She is looking to get a dog mid-May as she will have four months home this summer to work with and get to know the dog. Although she has said that she would like a male dog, I don’t think that she is wed to this. She is basing this on our own experience with dogs. The males that we have owned have had better personalities than the females. Our older female Vizla also seems to behave better around males dogs — I don’t see this as much of a concern though as these dogs will have little contact. When we first started looking at your website she was interested in the older female puppy that you had available. This would have worked out well with Teresa’s timing. Do let us know if you have any older dogs available. Her price limit though is $1000. She has saved long and hard for this.

She has completed the puppy application and emailed it to me to drop off along with the deposit. I will call you later this morning to see when is a good time to come by.

Thank you again,

Yvonne Lawson