Why we charge less for Our Labradoodle Puppies

australian-labradoodle-8We do get that question from time to time. It is fair to ask, because sometimes when things are less expensive, there is a concern about the product. Like when you choose the discount store over the high priced luxury store.

We want to dispel any myths right away!

We have love and respect for our dogs and our customers. These Labradoodles are loved like family members. But we are also realistic about our current economy and want to be sure our dogs find their way to loving homes. So as long as you are feeling the tug on your wallet, we want to spare you the grief of paying full price by offering high quality, cared-for animals with a savings of over $800 to $1000 when compared to most competitors.





Buy with confidence – our puppies come with a 3 year health guarantee after all!

What other benefits come with our labradoodle puppies?

Make your deposit on a puppy today!


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